WEN Ching-Hao 温晉豪



2019-2020 Master of Arts – Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK

2016-          Master of Fine Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan


2013-2016 Bachelor of Fine Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan


2022“Community Of Lost, FREES ART SPACE, Taipei, Taiwan

2022TAIPEI DANGDAI, 333gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2021 “2021 Kaohsiung Award, Kaohsiung Fine Arts Museum, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2020 “2020 Sui Generis: Jing-Pai of Taiwan”, IT PARK, Taipei, Taiwan

2020 “2020 Taipei Art Awards”, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

2020“Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Art 2020: Authentic World”,  Our Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

2020 “London Grads Now”, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

2020“Steel_ Cement_Glass”, 山屋口口, Taipei, Taiwan

2020 “43251”, Apa Mini Live House, Taipei, Taiwan

2019 “SIMULTENSIVE”, Cookhouse Gallery, London, UK

2018 “ PRIME IGNITION POINT”, Whitestone gallery, Taipei
2018 Free Art Fair, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park Warehouse 3, Taipei, Taiwan


2017 “NTUA Museum Collection Award”, Taipei, Taiwan

2016 Taiwan Annual, Taipei Expo Park, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 “Uninhibited”, Woolloomooloo, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 “Synesthesia”, Nine single art experiment space, Taipei, Taiwan

2015 “Space of poetry”, 101 Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 Taiwan Artist Expo, Taipei Expo Park, Taipei, Taiwan



1994 生於台北,台灣

2019-2020 倫敦藝術大學切爾⻄藝術與設計學院美術系,碩士 ,倫敦,英國

2013-2017 台灣藝術大學美術系,學士, 臺北,台灣


2022「失落共同體」,FreeS 福利社,臺北,臺灣

2022 台北當代藝術博覽會 TAIPEI DANGDAI,臺北,臺灣


2021 高雄美術獎2021,高雄市立美術館,高雄,台灣


2020《在場》─ 2020台灣境派藝術,伊通公園,臺北,臺灣

2020 臺北美術獎2020,台北美術館,臺北,臺灣
2020 London Grads Now,薩奇畫廊,倫敦,英國
2020 剛隨著你剝離,城市山屋,臺北,台灣
2020 大臺北當代藝術雙年展─真實世界Authentic World,臺北,台灣

2020 43251,APA MINI Live House,臺北,台灣


2019 「AVAT FreeS Art Space 福利社 x 2019 Art Future 藝術未來 1001室- 記憶、轉譯與認知的覆誦」,台北,台灣

2019 MAPPING,Cookhouse Gallery,倫敦,英國
2019 SIMULTENSIVE,Cookhouse Gallery,倫敦,英國

2019 錯誤代碼[ A0223 ] ,九單實踐藝術空間,臺北,台灣 2018 「低燃



2016 「台灣當代一年展」,花博爭艷館,臺北,台灣 2015 「台灣藝術家博覽會」,花博爭艷館,臺北,台灣

Artist Statement 



溫晉豪 Wen Ching Hao’s work attempts to think about how to transfer from one social field to another in the image text, and the impact of an image being copied, embezzled and transformed in different cultural contexts. Explore the death and absence of death and things, by exchanging death, reveal the cruel character of death in an entertaining and enchanting way. 


Using new media installations, images, sounds, and paintings, the pieces of memory that remain in the frame of the work are translated into his unique deconstruction method, reshaping and recreating a new narrative context, the image is no longer The past is a rebirth after transformation. By manipulating the physical perception practice of each reader, the personal emotional level is awakened again, and we experience a "past-future-present moment" interlaced horizon.





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