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Do we create a different network from the production of messages to the reception of messages? 


There is an extremely subtle chemical reaction between perception and reality, and in the process of receiving and transmitting, people often establish a connection with things in some indirect and paradoxical ways, but unfortunately, in this attitude of understanding, apart from the individual's established impression of things, all other possibilities seem to be diluted. Whether negative or positive, the two ends of the dialogue frame are endless explorations and transcendence,in which watching and being watched are like a process of understanding, an open yet private existence, in which the self and the outside mingle with each other in different degrees of "distance" and "misunderstanding", and thus 109 pairs of eyes cover 109 kinds of viewing tendencies and results, and whether the "reality" under observation has reached the so-called "reality"? And does the "reality" under observation reach the so-called "reality"?


The exhibition attempts to break the boundaries of conventional understanding by simulating different "views" and "objects". On the one hand, it refers to an act or event (a fragment or a subject of life) that is separated from real life to witness a reality that has happened but is not present, and these images and contents are partly controversial and intimate subjects, or associated segmented images, which create an alternative visual environment by changing the main body of the display. By changing the main structure of the display, a visible yet invisible illusion is created. They are shown in the exhibition space but cannot be viewed in their entirety, challenging human viewing habits and the different outcomes of choosing to intervene in the work or not.

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